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Luciano Ice Cream as a Luxury Experience for Everyone

luxury award 2020

What kind of associations do you have when it comes to ice cream? Sweetness? Coolness? Memories from childhood? For many of us, that’s what ice cream is. But do we often see this product as the embodiment of perfection? Luciano ice cream embodies the idea of an uncompromisingly high-quality product for everyone to enjoy. The highest artisan level of preparation, unique combinations of the best ingredients, surprisingly delicious tastes, and stylish appearance are just some of the reasons Luciano became the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Ice Creams in the World.

The story of Luciano began in 1983 when a young man Luc Blok started working with his parents in their ice cream parlor. Here, with the basics of ice cream preparation came a passion for the trade. After the vocational training and trading ice cream on various pitches of the town of Wassenaar, Luc and his wife Angelique managed to realize the dream of their own ice cream parlor. Luc’s desire to produce the best ice cream has already brought him several victories. Twice he became the best in the category “Ice Cream Salon of the Year”, he also has the title of SVH Meesterijsbereider, which is the highest degree of professional competence in the field of ice cream preparation in the Netherlands, and in 2012, he won the title of Craftsman of the Year.

Luciano’s professional ice cream factory produces ice cream only from fresh products: strawberries, vanilla, yogurt, lemon, banana. However, along with the traditional ice cream flavors, you will find such exotic ones as honey figs, raspberry crumble pie or spekkoek. Each fragrance is carefully selected to ensure that you get the freshest, most natural, and highest quality products.

“With every product of our laboratory, we strive to please, surprise and bring maximum pleasure to each of our customers. And the professional recognition from the respected Luxury Lifestyle Awards committee has made a special honor to each member of our team,” said Luc Blok, founder and owner of Luciano.

Luciano takes every guest’s wishes into account so that as many people as possible could enjoy the brand’s delicious ice cream. The team can make special ice cream for those who adhere to a certain diet, for vegetarians, diabetics, and people with a certain religion or allergy to particular ingredients.